Why DIY Home Automation Is A Bad Idea

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With the vast availability of diverse information on the internet, it’s effortless to find videos and articles on how to do almost anything. This has given rise to DIYs or do-it-yourself activities that have made many people believe that a non-professional can do anything, even technical jobs that include high risks and costly elements like automation system installations.

Sadly, this isn’t true, and if you were considering installing your home automation by yourself, you must reconsider your decision. Installing an automation system involves different technical aspects that require caution and experience to execute efficiently. If you do not have the skills and knowledge to perform a professional installation, you could be in for trouble. To give you an idea of what could go wrong, the automaton and security experts at Solutions have put together three reasons to showcase why DIY home automation is a bad idea.

1. Electrical damage
The installation of an automation device requires you to tap into your electrical system to activate and keep it running. If you lack the training and expertise to do this, you could connect the automation equipment to the wrong wires, or you could interrupt your electrical connections causing the entire system to short circuit, or worse.

2. High repair and replacement costs
Depending on the scale of damage you cause, you may have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to fix your electrical wiring, outlets, and maybe even replace appliances and the automation devices, if they were damaged.

3. Functional issues
Other challenges that may arise when your DIY home automation installations are, networking conflicts and faulty timings. This means that you may not be able to control your home appliances and features as smoothly as you’d prefer. You could also struggle to get your automated systems to function altogether if you are unaware of how to get the job done correctly.

Do things right - Hire a professional!
When it comes to performing any home automation installations, unless you have a background and training in electrical work, you must hire a professional. Automation installation specialists are generally trained and certified to handle home automation and security alarm system installations. After completing their job, they will make sure that your system is safe, reliable, and secure. At the same time, they will educate you about the best ways to use and maintain the system for high performance.

To avoid choosing an inexperienced professional, always look for either security integrators or home automation integrators. When you interact with them, ask to see their certification and professional registration. You can even check their reviews or referrals to gauge the quality of their services.

If you’re wondering how much it will cost you to hire an expert to automate your home, that really depends on the scale of the job. But, usually, the minimum charges are approximately $75 per hour, which is very affordable.

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