COVID-19 And How It Affected Our Lives In 2020

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As we all know that it is better to be safe than sorry, it makes sense to look after the security of a house before getting in trouble or having a run-in with thieves. Foreseeing that we might have a security issue in the future, we should take the proper precautions. Security companies can assist their clients with not only meeting their requirements but also explaining better options or ways to get a reasonably priced solution and the right time and location to get it installed.

With the onset of the pandemic, there were a few changes that no one could have seen coming. Some of the significant ones were the national lockdown, where most businesses were not allowed to function, which meant that transportation was at an all-time low, and gathering supplies, if they were not nearby, was quite challenging. There were delays in obtaining products, which started creating a giant backlog in scheduling appointments. We were ready to do the work but, unfortunately, had to put it on hold. A delay in receiving our material, whether the actual cameras, the wires, holders or anything else, was quite challenging.

There are a lot of challenges that come about when there is a delay in sending products needed to complete the projects. These delays when it comes to collecting materials, later cause issues when we cannot meet our appointments and the promises and commitments that we have already made.

While we used to check out and review houses in person before we could give them a proper estimation, we have slowed down meeting people in person or even going to their homes. These changes meant that we had to change the way we were communicating, which also significantly changed. We now handle meetings either through phone calls or video calls, while going through pre surveys and client interactions through Zoom meetings, which is the best way to get through them, at least in the short term. The main challenge that we have with remote working is the lack of information or the incorrect details that we receive as we are coordinating with the client, who is a different third party each time.

While most of our work takes place in the field, we do not have a massive requirement to get it done from our office as we can handle the paperwork, accounting and other random minor aspects of documentation remotely. However, when it comes to the actual fitting of the gadgets, we get that done in our clients’ homes. Our work is a combination of remote working and fieldwork, but we do not have to work from an office.

When we do have client meetings in our office, as they would not prefer us visiting their homes, we make sure we are following the right protocol. We have limited access to the office, allowing only four people to get in at a time. Additional precautions that we get through are regular cleaning of the surroundings, screening the people we are meeting, making them get through temperature checks, and taking and wearing masks. Whenever we are working in the field and are at someone else’s house, we make sure we maintain distance from one another and have our team always wearing masks.

As we are already lagging with the challenges that we were facing in the initial stages of the lockdown, we are not making any more changes to the way that we used to handle business. We are still working the same number of hours and are open to taking calls, if and when they arise.

When it comes to the coordination with our clients, we used to get it done in person, but now we have switched to email and Zoom for the most part. We connect through email, screen-connect, and dropbox, and our clients are quite happy with the results. We are open to having video conferencing meetings through Zoom but would prefer staying out of virtual public events and business expos at the moment.

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