The Benefits of Pairing An Access Control System With A CCTV Setup - Security Coverage

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Compiled by FacilitiesNet Staff In today's security environment it makes sense to integrate access control systems with a CCTV setup. Pairing access control and CCTV systems helps generate smarter video data for the security system. Consider, for example, an access control system that uses proximity cards. Without a CCTV system, someone who shouldn't have access to a building could get access by using a lost or stolen card. Though occupants may eventually notice intruders inside the buildings, the access control system itself wouldn't detect anything wrong. Now consider the alternative: An access control system that is integrated with a CCTV system. Such a system would likely make use of IP video cameras, perhaps with sophisticated video analytics software. An integrated access control and CCTV setup can be configured in a number of ways. One option is for the CCTV setup to record the entrance whenever employees use their proximity cards....

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